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Latest Government Announcement: Back To Business

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On the 22nd February 2021 the Prime Minister announced a four-step road map to ease the restrictions out of lockdown. For the ‘Personal Care’ Sector in England, it looks like the Health and Beauty industry is set to re-open in Step 2 of the road map. Step 2 will commence 5 weeks after the 8th of March 2021 and no earlier than 12th April.* In this article we will be sharing some ways to ensure you have a head start when we get back to business:

  1. Advertise Your Re-Opening

Communication is key, ensure your clients and potential business know that your staff will be back and prepared for the re-opening. Send your clients an informative email. Advertise your re-opening date on your social media channels and website.

  1. Re-book Your Clients

Many salon client’s appointments were cancelled in the months of January, February and those that booked ahead into March. Make sure these clients are your priority and contact them first to re-book their appointments. Ensure your clients are aware of any additional opening hours/ late nights that you have put in place. Re-open your online booking service and make sure you have a full diary for when your staff return to work.

  1. Is Your Salon Covid-Safe?

Ensure you have enough PPE for a busy re-opening before it goes out of stock at your usual supplier and you end up paying over the odds. Some clients may also be slightly nervous to come back to the salon for close contact treatments, so upload some images of the salon to show the Covid-Safe measures you have put in place.

  1. Re-evaluate Your Service Costs

Many salons will increase prices from time to time, in line with inflation, however it is important that you are now covering your new costs of PPE. For close contact businesses, it is unlikely that these new costs will be short term. Are you taking into consideration new costs, here are a few expenses that may have increased;

  • Laundry
  • PPE i.e. Gloves, Masks, Visors, Aprons
  • Covid-Safe signage or clear screens for desks
  • Cleaning products and hand sanitiser

Some salons may have also been affected by the 2-metre ruling, work stations available may have been reduced due to space or maximum amount of people allowed in the salon. All of these things but not exclusive to, will need to be calculated when looking at your price increase.

*The date of the re-opening will depend on the rollout of the vaccine, the rate of infections and the impact of any new variants.

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