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When planning to sell your business,  you must consider both your personal and business circumstances to ensure both a successful and rewarding transaction. Before proceeding you should consider your exit options. This will start by looking at the possible succession candidates for your business, this may include:

  • a family member
  • a co-owner
  • an employee
  • a third party buyer

The sale of any business can be a complex and difficult process. At an early stage you will need to decide what your exit ambitions and priorities are. You may be driven by the best price, ease of transaction, buyer’s intentions for the staff and business or just the speed of a quick sale.

Have you considered a business partner?

Do you need more help at senior level? Maybe the business is doing well but you just do not have the high level support you need to sustain the current business model or to be able to grow to the next level.

Perhaps you would like to release some cash from the business and / or have more time for friends and family. A additional business partner may help you achieve this.

  • Sell part of your business.
  • Find a partner with additional skills.
  • Share the business challenges and financial benefits.
  • Reduce the business reliance on you.

If you bring on a suitable partner, you can continue working within your business, perhaps with less stress and a greater future business opportunity. A new partner could bring many benefits to you and your business, you should take your time to find the right person and agree a deal that works for both of you.

If you would like to find a business partner or you are a looking for a beauty company to partner with, contact our team here.

Find an investor for your business

Do you want to expand your business but need financial help and assistance? Rather than borrow money from a bank or commercial lender, perhaps you would you prefer to share some of your business with an investor and together you can built the perfect business empire.

An investor could bring many benefits to your business and help you:

  • Buy another trading business.
  • Open a new or addition business site.
  • Bring new business skills and experience.
  • Reduce financial pressures from lack of working capital.

By selling part of your business, you could continue working within your enterprise, perhaps with less stress and a greater future business opportunity.

If you would like to find an investor for your business or you are a looking for a beauty company to invest in, contact our team here.

Fully confidential service available

We offer a fully confidential service if required and specified by our clients. Some business owners are happy that their business is openly advertised and marketed. However some business owners require a full, non-disclosure agreement focused service to keep their business plan and intentions private and off the general market.

Selling your business confidentially can bring many benefits including:

  • A confidential sale protects unwanted parties from finding out that your business is for sale.
  • You have more control over who receives your business details.
  • You can protect your staff, clients and vendors.

If you would like to sell your beauty business confidentially, contact our team here.